MOH Director Kenneth Mak (left), Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister Josephine Teo; Ministry of Health press conference

Singapore saw its largest coronavirus panic today, with 287 cases reported in a single day. The total confirmed cases hit 1,910, with 7 deaths including a 32 year old Indian national the government refused to count as a fatality because he died before receiving his test result.

According to Health Minister Gan Kim Yong, 219 are linked to existing clusters, mostly foreign worker dormitories. 160 infected are linked to the S11 dormitory.

The number of unlinked infections hit 46, with the authorities unable to find the source of infection.

In response to the disastrous news, the PAP ministers hastily announced the decision to put foreign workers who work in essential services in military army camps, vacant HDB blocks, Changi Exhibition Centre and temporary offshore lodgings.

Minister Lawrence Wong said he is “aggressively testing” every foreign worker at the moment:

“Workers are being tested aggressively to separate those who are infected or suspected cases from those who are healthy in order to reduce the number of workers in each dorm and make the situation more manageable.”

No such testing is offered to the Singapore community.