Foo Mee Har in Parliament

Speaking in Parliament, PAP MP Foo Mee Har called for Singaporeans to start paying tips for services to help the poor:

“As for delivery riders who brave the streets, we as consumers can play our part. Customers should tip the riders 5 per cent to 10 per cent of the food receipt.”

The S$16,000-a-month PAP MP also said companies that are making profits should distribute their wealth to everyone:

“In the spirit of solidarity, companies who enjoy disproportionately greater benefits should share these benefits with their business partners, employees and the wider ecosystem. For example of food delivery firms such as Grab and Deliveroo which charge 30 to 35 per cent in commission fees. Their commission model can be reviewed since deliveries may be the main source of revenue for food outlets during this period.”

Other PAP MPs also came out with astonishing statements, like claiming that it is better to be unemployed in Singapore because of government paying benefits. PAP MP Louis Ng said it is “more profitable” to be unemployed now:

“For some workers, it will seem more profitable to lose their jobs, as they can then collect both the Temporary Relief Fund and the Covid-19 Support Grant for the unemployed.”

PAP MP Lim Wee Kiak said the government should stop collecting CPF payment to reduce manpower costs for businesses:

“We should stop it for the next three to six months to reduce the manpower cost of employers and to increase the monthly take-home pay of salaried workers.”

PAP MP Murali Pillai said in Parliament that Singaporeans should pay more for food and accept inflation if food are produced domestically instead of import:

“Singaporeans must support agricultural companies here and accept the higher costs associated with storing food supplies.”