Makeshift hospital in Spain

Singapore has ran out of hospital beds to accomodate the sheer number of coronavirus patients, and the Singapore Expo exhibition hall will be turned into a temporary hospital.

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced yesterday that this is the second site after a resort in Pasir Ris holding 500 people are filled up:

“The Singapore Expo will be the second community isolation facility to house Covid-19 patients who are on the mend or have milder symptoms. This is so that hospitals can be freed up to care for patients who need more significant medical attention. This is to ensure that we continue to have capacity in our acute hospital.”

The Singapore Expo is expected to hold around 2,000 beds with its ten conference halls. Hospital equipment, doctors, nurses and hospital staffs however will need to be stationed at the Expo.

The announcement came after private hospitals also reached their capacity limit from accepting infected patients from government hospitals.

At least 958 of the 1,309 confirmed cases are isolated or in stable conditions. The number is expected to increase after Singapore reported a daily high of 120 cases yesterday.