Lee Hsien Loong address on April 3rd

International media around the world are now singing a different tune and retracting their statements about the Singapore government being a “role model” in the coronavirus outbreak.

China state media, South China Morning Post, published an article headlined: “100 to 1,000 infections in one month. What happened?”

US media, Financial Times, described the Singapore government as “struggling against the new wave of infection”.

Some brainwashed Singaporeans who ardently supported their dictator Lee Hsien Loong are also questioning the rising numbers, and many are out stockpiling at supermarkets despite being advised not to do so.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s reputation has taken a hit with the coronavirus outbreak, especially after a U-turn stance on wearing face masks in public. The dictator who earlier said it is “counterproductive” to wear any kind of mask aside from N95 masks, stopped short of an apology and declared that each household will be given 2 cloth masks.