Little India riot in 2012

While everyone else is quarantined in hotels with good food, a television and a clean bed, foreign workers are quarantined in their cramped and dirty living quarters, sharing a room with more than 4 others.

20,000 foreign workers who started their quarantine today lost their privacy, and their entertainment outlet of drinking and meeting friends are now taken away.

Worse, they may not get a single cent from 14 days of quarantine because the government compensates only to their employers, and many of their families at home in India and Bangladesh needed more money than ever in this global pandemic.

Where are the masks for the foreign workers? Who is going to pay for their handphone data bill? What are they going to do when they can’t sleep at night from the inactive lifestyle?

Mental health will deteriorate, frustration will build up, anger will cumulate against inequality, fear from the infection will amplify resentment, and the only outcome is a riot against the authorities.

What is more infectious than the virus? Fear and negativity.

This is not rocket science. The Singapore millionaire ministers are too comfortable in their ivory towers to understand the fears of the commoners and low income. Going by suicide and crime statistics, Singapore has serious mental health issues which the government never once addressed.

Put 20,000 foreign workers on quarantine without addressing mental health issues? Good luck Singaporeans, you really have pigs for leaders.

Alex Tan
STR Editor