Foreign workers dorm in Singapore

Singapore just saw its first wave of infection tsunami hit the shores yesterday with 24 foreign workers from India and Bangladesh found infected at the dormitories and construction sites.

A total of 62 foreign workers are now infected from the three main foreign worker clusters.

The S11 dormitory cluster at Punggol saw 11 new cases bringing the total to 24; 8 new cases at Westlite Toh Guan dormitory with a total of 18; 3 new cases at Mustafa Centre with a total of 14; 1 new case at Maxwell MRT station construction site with a total of 6.

A total of 65 new cases were confirmed yesterday, and the most worrying figure: 16 were infected from the public over unknown reasons.

The official confirmed cases reported today is 1,114, but there are more out there unidentified, confessed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his nation address last evening:

“Initially, many of the new cases were imported from overseas, mostly returning Singaporeans. Then last week, we began to have more local cases. Furthermore, despite our good contact tracing, for nearly half of these cases, we do not know where or from whom the person caught the virus. This suggests that there are more people out there who are infected, but who have not been identified. And they may be passing the virus unknowingly to others.”