Lee Hsien Loong address on April 3rd

Dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made a late U-turn today in his media address announcing that healthy people will now need to wear a mask in public:

“The Government will no longer discourage people who are well from wearing masks because there is evidence showing a few people can be infected but not show any symptoms. The move comes in the wake of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) review of its stance on the issue of face masks. We now think there are some cases out there in the community going undetected, though probably still not that many.”

The shameless politiciam did not apologise for his earlier mistake telling people not to wear a mask in public. Lee Hsien Loong even claimed wearing a mask is “counterproductive” and will lead to more infections. Singapore has since paid a heavy price for his wrong health advice, with infections now at 1,114, ten times higher than a month ago.

Lee Hsien Loong insisted that his government measures have been effective despite glaring figures reporting otherwise:

“The current situation is under control, but we want to take a few more steps now.”

The world’s richest politician also copied Japan, announcing that he is distributing two reusable face mask to each household.