Popular indian hangout Mustafa Centre

Situation under control, declared Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and within the same week, 16 new clusters exploded in his face. There are now 1,049 confirmed cases in Singapore, and foreign workers form the bulk of the new infections.

PCF Fengshan (27 cases)
Boulder+ Gym (6 cases)
Church of Singapore (5 cases)
Masjid Al-Muttaqin Mosque (3 cases)
Dover Court International School (8 cases)
Yishun Bridal Shop (3 cases)
Keppel Shipyard (3 cases)
Mustafa Centre (11 cases)
Maxwell MRT station’s construction site
Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (12 cases)
SingPost Centre (8 cases)
S11 Dormitory at Punggol (13 cases)
Westlite Toh Guan Dormitory at Jurong East (10 cases)
Hero’s bar at Circular Road (8 cases)
Wilby Residences (8 cases)
Dormitory at 55 Sungei Kadut Loop (3 cases)

The Singapore streets are not safe anymore, and neither is public transport, with a bus driver also confirmed to be infected yesterday.

Among the new numbers, the most worrying figure is the foreign worker community infection. Foreign workers live in overcrowded and unhygienic quarters, and their living standards have long been ignored by the Singapore dictatorship and their business arms who exploited these cheap labour for decades.

The country’s most popular shopping centre among foreign workers, Mustafa centre, being the latest cluster is no surprise. Other shopping malls popular with foreign workers like Lucky Plaza may very be infected already.

There are now 1,049 cases, with only 31 out of 49 cases being locally transmitted.

Despite the rapidly worsening situation, there is no new response measures from the government. Schools remain open and the government refuse to shut down workplaces. Minister Lawrence Wong even suggested that visitors from China be opened up again, prompting a severe backlash against the millionaire politician.

The government Dorscon level is still Orange, even though policies today are more befitting of Dorscon Red. The result of today’s disaster is the poor planning of yesterday. And Singapore’s tomorrow will pay for today’s incompetence.

Healthy people are still being exposed to infection on the streets because the government continued to maintain wearing a face mask is unnecessary and even “counterproductive”.

Such ill-intent measures only point to the lack of common sense by the authorities, and the solution is to swap out the current leaders. From food supply security to public health measures, the PAP dictatorship failed in every aspect despite having appointed a millionaire minister to watch development closely.

Responses are knee-jerk and reactive, and there is no planning. PAP ministers are too worried about rocking the boat and the coronavirus presented a perfect scenario testing their leadership. The test result so far of course: a straight fail.

Alex Tan
STR Editor