MOH Director Kenneth Mak

When pointed out that the United States government has done a reversal policy on wearing face masks in public and questioned if Singapore will follow suit, the director of medical services at Ministry of Health, Kenneth Mak, replied he does not have the answer.

The phoney coronavirus “expert” said he need to discuss with the PAP politicians before giving the instruction:

“The ministry is looking at evidence very carefully and conducting a review of our stance on masks, as we do with other policies. As far as masks are concerned, we are in fact in the process of continuing to review the data that’s available, both in the literature as well as the international experience. The recommendations would be made after the review is completed.”

Kenneth Mak did not give a timeline when the PAP government will complete their “review”.

In China, Czech and Slovakia, not wearing a mask in public is an arrestable offence. The successful control of the outbreak in Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong also see everyone in society wearing a mask in public.

Singapore just reported its 1,000 case reported with 4 deaths. The latest deceased is a 68 year old Indonesia medical tourist, who sought treatment at Singapore’s self-trumpeted “world-class” healthcare.