Gan Kim Yong

After being exposed by States Times Review for covering up the cluster at a shipyard in Tuas, the Ministry of Health yesterday confessed that three were indeed infected at the government-owned shipping business Keppel Shipyard:

“Infected staff members have been hospitalised and we are extending support to them and their families.”

The Keppel business group today revealed that “around 100” workers are now being suspected of being infected, and they have only just began their 14 days leave of absence.

No testing has however been done on the suspect cases, as the Singapore government is running short on test kits.

Parts of the shipyard has been forced to shut down after the article by States Times Review yesterday, and this is affecting import and export deliveries.

The Singapore Ministry of Health did not explain why they cover up the infection at Keppel Shipyard.

The number of new cases jumped to 1,049 yesterday with numerous new clusters identified.