Lee Hsien Loong

Coronavirus is scary, but fake news is scarier.

Through its state media and paying bribes to the World Health Organisation (e.g. the promotion of WHO coronavirus taskforce chairman Dale Fisher and a US$500,000 donation), Singapore government managed to whitewash the worsening infection situation and made arduous claims about controlling the transmission.

International news media around the world hailed Singapore as a “gold standard” and “leader” in the handling of the deadly outbreak. Singapore government ministers pour self-praises claiming the country is the best place to be in in a global pandemic.

This is of course not true, the numbers speak for itself. On March 1, Singapore broke its 100th case. Today, at the end of March, the number of confirmed cases surged over 800% to 926 confirmed cases.

How long can Singapore government maintain its fake news and lie to the world?

Well, the Singapore government in the past month has been recycling the same excuse for the surge. Blaming imported cases that is.

The excuse today has been exhausted with local cases surpassing imported cases. 47 new cases were reported yesterday, with only 16 imported. Surely, blaming returning residents will not work any more if the Singapore government insists baseless claims to “gold standards”.

At the end of the day, numbers do not lie and there is only how much sugar-coating the Singapore state media – ranked 151st in the world for press freedom – can do to pull the wool over eyes.

Breaking the 1,000th case is happening this week. The exponential gradient is still not stopping. The figures of confirmed cases and deaths, will debunk all these government fake news.

Sit back, relax, and watch Singapore crumple under the incompetency of the PAP dictatorship.

Foreign countries who want to adopt Singapore’s measures, like not closing schools and telling people not to wear a mask in public, do so at your own risk. We will know who is the greater fool three months down the road.

Alex Tan
STR Editor