Foreign workers at Tuas Shipyard

Refusing to shut down shipping business, Singapore’s dishonest dictatorship covered up a cluster at Keppel Shipyard’s Tuas yard. On March 30, 4 infections were found at the shipyard in Tuas.

The government-owned national shipyard operator published a memo to all internal staffs, contractors and customers informing them of the infection.

Keppel Shipyard warned that the memo and its content is not to be shared with the media or outsiders:

“This is to inform you that there have been 4 COVID-19 cases identified in Keppel Shipyard (KSL)’s Tuas yard. They involve 2 of KSL’s staff, and 2 staff of KSL’s customers, who work in KSL’s yard. The specific staff are:

Patient #1: A Singaporean KSL employee working on the Liza Unity FPSO.
Patient #2: A Philippine KSL employee (supervisor) working on the Liza Unity FPSO. He resides in Keppel Housing’s Acacia Lodge.
Patient #3: A Malaysian employee of SOFEC who is working on the Coral South FLNG turret project. He previously shuttled daily between Malaysia and Singapore and was last in Malaysia on 16 March 2020 before coming back to Singapore on the same day to avoid the Malaysian lockdown.
Patient #4: A Dutch employee of ExxonMobil who is working on the Liza Unity FPSO.”

Screenshot of notice from Keppel Shipyard

The Singapore Ministry of Health covered up the incident and did not report this cluster to the media.