MOH Director Kenneth Mak (left), Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister Lawrence Wong, Minister Josephine Teo; Ministry of Health press conference

In a media update on the coronavirus update, the director of medical services at Ministry of Health denied that local transmission is out of control:

“There is some level of community transmission, the authorities believe that it is not widespread yet. At this point in time, we are not seeing indicators that this is widespread, we believe to a large extent that many of these clusters are linked and we continue to work to try to establish this.”

Singapore reported 47 new cases yesterday, with 18 infected from unknown sources. There are now 926 confirmed cases with 3 dead.

At the press conference, Minister Lawrence Wong also insisted his refusal to close schools and implement stricter public measures, claiming that the situation is still under control:

“There is a view, I think, that people sometimes say, ‘why don’t you just … don’t have to wait, just go for the drastic measures now, go for the so-called lockdown today, do it for two weeks then life can go back to normal’. There is no such magic solution as two-week lockdown and then we are free from the virus. It will not happen… It will still be with us, and we will still have to continue with this set of measures – like what we are today – for maybe months.”