Graph of confirmed cases

In his state media address, corrupted dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong criticised other countries and claimed the situation in Singapore is “under control”:

“Countries near and far are in lockdown or worsening situations, and that in Singapore, we are sitting watching our dyke. I am trying to keep ourselves safe and preventing any of this from coming in, and a situation going out of control. So I am in this for a very long time to come.”

Singapore yesterday reported a total of 802 confirmed cases, with 70 new cases. 14 local cases are unlinked to known clusters and they were infected from the public.

Lee Hsien Loong however admitted that his government measures are not working, calling it a “leaking dyke”. He blamed the number of infected on imported cases, refusing to acknowledge local transmission. Lee Hsien Loong also played down the surge in confirmed cases, calling it “a bit”:

“The tide has not turned here and that in fact, the tide is still coming in. We have been fighting and the tide is still coming in. What has changed is that we have put up our dyke, we have held the water out, but the dyke leaks. There are bits coming in, people coming home” and the virus is still getting into Singapore.”