Secondary school in Singapore

In a state media interview, dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong defended his decision not to close schools by claiming he is doing it to help the poor:

“If schools are closed, children from lower-income families would bear the heavier burden of the tighter restrictions.”

The world’s richest politician claimed children would hang out in public and contract the virus, as opposed to staying in school:

“If you do not have schools open, it does not mean that your problem has gone away, because where do the kids go? Those who have parents who can look after them at home — well, okay they ‘guai guai’ (Mandarin for ‘obediently’) sit at home, do homework, no computer games. But those without parental care at home may head to the video arcade or to the shops to roam around, thus placing them at greater risk of contracting Covid-19 than if they had remained in a controlled school environment.”

Schools have been shut down in most countries as the environment is ideal for “super spreaders”. In Singapore, a cook infected 13 other staff members at FengShan PAP kindergarten.

Lee Hsien Loong said that he will only shut down affected schools when there is an infection and he will not order a shutdown:

“But I think we should look at schools as individual schools rather than one whole system. Just as we look at workplaces as individual workplaces, rather than one whole work system, and if a workplace has a problem, we deal with that. We confine and we rub out that cluster, but it does not mean that I must shut the whole system down.”