Empty shelves in Singapore supermarket

Government-owned supermarket, NTUC, has imposed new purchase limits on more goods due to severe shortage. Paper products like tissue paper and toilet paper are now limited to two packs, alongside restrictions for canned food, cooking oil and frozen poultry:

New purchase restrictions:
Paper products – 2
Canned food – 6
Cooking oil – 5 litres
Frozen poultry – S$30
Eggs – 30
Vegetables – S$30
Instant noodles – 2 packs
Rice – 10kg

PAP MP Seah Kian Peng, who is NTUC Fairprice CEO, said he is considering more restrictions as stock run low from Malaysia’s extended ban to April 14:

“The rapidly changing situation means more revisions to the list could follow.”

Singapore is currently airfreighting food from other regions like Indonesia, Australia and even South Korea. This has however jacked up prices by some 35% before the Malaysia ban.