Crying to gain sympathy; Lawrence Wong

Playing the pity card to cover up the government’s glaring failure handling the coronavirus outbreak, millionaire Minister Lawrence Wong cried in Parliament claiming that he became “emotional” as appreciation to frontline healthcare workers.

The entire wayang antic was featured as a 2 minute propaganda video on state media, with government-hired trolls praising the weak PAP minister. After paying lips service to frontline workers, the PAP minister did not announce any new measures raising salaries or increasing allowance for the poorly-paid workers.

Singapore saw its biggest daily jump yesterday at 73 cases, bringing the total to 631. The government failed to enforce borders control, and secure enough face masks and testing kits, that led to the widespread local infection. The disaster was accelerated with ill-informed government advice telling healthy people not to wear a mask.

Schools have not been closed, despite seeing 18 teachers and school staffs infected at a kindergarten and an international school.

The ruling party government is losing popular support as it failed to keep the virus under control.