Infected PAP kindergarten

Singapore saw a record surge again, reporting 73 new infections and bringing the total to 631 confirmed cases.

The Ministry of Health claimed only 35 are locally infected, while the rest are imported. Eight cases are infected from unknown sources.

18 are linked to a PAP pre-school, PCF Sparkletots at Feng Shan, and an international school, Dover Court. 14 staffs, including the principal, at the PAP kindergarten were infected, with numerous children possibly also infected.

In response to the infection, the PAP government announced the closure of all 360 PCF kindergartens for only 4 days.

Singapore schools however remained open despite its high risk of congregation among students.

The Singapore health ministry also censored details of the infected, giving no information to the public. The situation in Singapore is getting worse each day as the country ran out of face masks and testing kits.