Coronavirus patients with oxygen support

Local transmission is out of control in Singapore with 13 new cases reported to be unlinked, doubling the six cases reported a day earlier.

More strangers are getting infected on the streets because the public was told not to wear a face mask. The Singapore government issued the fake news propaganda to hold on to what little stock of the face masks they have in the country.

The Ministry of Health reported an additional 49 cases today, bringing the total to 558. There are now 17 in critical conditions while 2 had already died from the deadly virus that has no cure or vaccine.

32 of the 49 cases were said to be imported, but the government covered up flight information and profiles that would allow the public to take precautionary measures.

The actual rate of infection in Singapore is believed to be at least 15 times higher as the government is suppressing reported cases by denying testing to anyone who has not travelled outside the country.