Singapore hospital

Singapore has ran out of hospital beds and the government is moving the infected next to maternity wards on the same floor, according to doctors at private hospital Parkway East.

Pregnant mothers are now risking infection as they are now served by the same medical team. In Singapore, there has been numerous cases of in-hospital infections, with virus being passed to patients in the same ward.

Government resources are now buckling after 509 confirmed cases reported yesterday. 340 cases are hospitalised while 15 are in intensive care units.

For those infected, Singapore hospitals have only a further capacity of about 100 beds without sacrificing patients of other needs. There is also a severe shortage of face masks and personal protection equipment like gowns and gloves.

On Monday (Mar 23), 29 infected cases were transferred from the National Centre for Infectious Diseases to a ward at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Orchard Road. Even quarantine officers and cleaners are in short demand.