Gan Kim Yong

Singapore broke its 500th case yesterday, with a record high of 54 new cases reported – bringing the total to 509 cases. At least 6 contracted the virus locally in Singapore from unknown sources, and the number of critically ill jumped to 15.

Despite claiming that “situation is under control”, the Singapore government failed to flatten the curve on the upward trend of new infections.

No information was given on the flight number of the 48 imported cases and no travel information, workplace location or new cluster was identified by the Ministry of Health.

The ministry reported that 2,529 are under quarantine, but an estimated 500 suspect cases are uncontactable. The Singapore government did not report how many of the quarantined turned out to be confirmed cases.

With the absence of accurate data, Singapore is unable to control the virus outbreak and impose appropriate measures to respond accordingly. The border closures came two weeks late, after 130 imported cases were allowed into the country.

Singapore schools have not closed yet, because the Education Minister claimed that children will not get the virus.