Minister Lawrence Wong

Singapore’s single party dictatorship finally enforced a ban on foreign arrivals after the country reported a 430% jump in confirmed cases in less than 3 weeks. There are now 430 cases with 2 deaths since Singapore crossed the 100th mark in end February.

The knee-jerk reaction came after PAP minister cried fake news just a day ago. The last-minute ban will effect by tonight, leaving no preparation for travellers. The country’s airport is now in chaos, with airlines scrambling to handle over a million customer flights.

The Ministry of Health however announced that the ban will not affect foreigners with work pass holders in essential services:

“No entry or transit through Singapore for all short-term visitors, with limited entry for work pass holders. From 23 March 2020, 2359 hours, all short-term visitors (from anywhere in the world) will not be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore. Furthermore the Ministry of Manpower will only allow the entry/ return of work pass holders [2], including their dependents, for those providing essential services, such as in healthcare and transport.”

The measures however came too late as over 100 confirmed cases were imported over the past 10 days. 39 out of 47 cases yesterday were said to be imported, according to the Ministry of Health.

The government decision to lock down the country came a day after PAP ministers cried “fake news” over an earlier Whatsapp message saying Singapore is going to stop foreign arrivals.