Education Minister Ong Ye Kung

Refusing to shut down schools, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung published a fake news claiming “it is science” that young children do not spread the virus even when infected:

“But let me lay out MOE’s thinking on why school will open tomorrow, but with more precautionary measures. There are three key considerations. First, science. With the virus being around for several months now, there is a body of scientific evidence showing that COVID-19 does not affect the young very much as compared to adults.”

The millionaire politician even claimed that the coronavirus behaves like chicken pox:

“Parents will be familiar with this concept, as this is the case for other diseases such as chicken pox.”

Minister Ong Ye Kung based his “science” on a World Health Organisation member, Dale Fisher, who was recently paid a directorship position at the National University Hospital.

The PAP minister argued that children will not stay at home if they are not allowed to go to school:

“If we close schools, many will not stay home, but may run around in the community and mingle with a lot more people, exposing themselves to more risk.”

There are now 453 confirmed cases in Singapore, and foreign arrival restrictions effected today.