Singapore commuters

The coronavirus outbreak is wrecking havoc in every country with politicians and scientists making blind predictions about it lasting a year or having wishful fantasies about developing vaccines or a cure. Many government has imposed exorbitant public health measures, with most already closing their borders.

Yet nobody has a solution.

It is actually very easy. Think about this: assuming there is no resource limitation, what is then the most straightforward solution?

Test everyone. Including every foreigner entering the country. Every single one.

With the test result, pick up every infected regardless if they are showing mild or no symptoms and quarantine them.

Unseen community transmissions by those infected – who for whatever reason, refuse to seek treatment or simply unaware they are infectious – is the primary drive behind the spread. An unsuspected infected case can go to the doctor, but he is refused a testing because of stupid questions like “have you had any contact who has been infected?”.

The solution to the coronavirus can also be more versatile as compared to the boring method of finding a vaccine or a cure. Test kits should be improved, and results must be made known immediately and, ideally, DIY. If test kits are realistically unavailable, easier testing procedures like a X-ray or doctor’s diagnosis should suffice for quarantine.

Countries with out of control infections all committed the same mistake: they seek to minimise testing by not making test kits easily available in local GP clinics. Their reason being test kits are insufficient, and hospital resources are not able to cater to the population. This resulted in them fighting the virus blindly, and wasting more resources on ineffective and time-consuming contact tracing.

A complete population testing requires the country’s population equivalent number of test kits. This means test kits should be saved and accumulated for a fixed test date when everyone get tested on the same day, while hospitals go about dealing with serious cases. Otherwise, the half-hearted testing done on the few thousands a day is just a waste of time.

As for imported cases, they need to be first get tested in their own country before they are allowed to travel. A simple doctor’s clearance. What’s so hard about handling this coronavirus, really. Incompetent politicians should resign.

Alex Tan
STR Editor