Lee Hsien Loong

Shortly after the state media reported 2 deaths from the coronavirus infection, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told Singaporeans to “brace” themselves for more deaths:

“As we get more COVID-19 cases, more patients will need ICU care, and we must brace ourselves for more losses.”

The foul-mouthed dictator put up the Facebook post after Singapore reported another 47 confirmed cases, bringing the total to 432. There are still 14 cases in critical conditions.

The Health Ministry refused to publish details of the 47 cases, and blankly claimed that 39 are imported cases:

“39 imported cases have travel history to Australia, Europe, North America, Asean and other parts of Asia.”

Aside from giving the above useless public information, the Ministry of Health also announced two deaths: a 75-year-old Singaporean and a 64-year-old Indonesian. The Singaporean was linked to a Singapore church cluster, while the Indonesian was a medical tourist who admitted himself into a Singapore hospital right after landing.