Minister Chan Chun Sing looking at eggs like he knows anything about them and government affairs

Singapore is facing egg shortages after Malaysia farms are meeting domestic demand in Malaysia.

This has since forced the Singapore government to look for alternative suppliers in Thailand, South Korea, Australia and Japan. The eggs from these places however cost up to 50% more than the Malaysia eggs.

Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing published a propaganda photo on Facebook of himself with a shipment of 300,000 eggs from Thailand at the airport. The former army general is trying to quell public unrest over food shortages since the start of the coronavirus outbreak:

“We also have many other source countries which we have identified over the years and are able to activate them quickly when the need calls for it. This applies not just to eggs but other food products and essential items.”

There has been an increase in stock piling in Singapore households, as Singaporeans opt to stay home and avoid public places. Local supermarkets responded with a purchase limit, but Singaporeans make several runs in different supermarkets to circumvent the measure.

The PAP minister last month issued a POFMA order on States Times Review, denying that face mask is in shortage. Minister Chan Chun Sing’s reputation tanked after Singaporeans verified that face masks are indeed in shortage in retail shops or sold at inflated prices.