Photo by Grace Fu

PAP Minister for Culture Grace Fu has again abused taxpayers money sponsoring Malaysian workers who refused to return to Malaysia free lodging at a sports hall in Jurong East.

Each foreigner is provided with a sleeping bag, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste and a roll of toilet paper. This is on top of the S$700 cash benefit provided for each Malaysian by the Singapore government.

Homeless Singaporeans, estimated at 5,000 around the island, are however not allowed to use the government-provided lodging. Singaporeans will be arrested if they are found sleeping in public.

Malaysians working in Singapore who refused to take 14 days unpaid leaves chose to sleep in public places, when their employers did not provide accommodation for them. These voluntary homeless workers, estimated at tens of thousands, pose a public health hazard as some of them could be infected with the coronavirus.