Dictator Lee Hsien Loong

With more confirmed cases surfacing, the Singapore Ministry of Health covered up more information of the the infected yesterday by refusing to publish travel details and profiles.

No age, nationality, locations and links were announced on the 32 new cases reported yesterday on the official update. Imported cases were given loosely-termed regions like “Europe, North America and ASEAN”, instead of specific countries.

The move came after the government stopped publishing total number of confirmed cases and the number of uncontactable suspect cases.

With the surge in confirmed cases, the Singapore government has responded only with less transparency and more propaganda. No border control has been enacted yet and local transmission are widespread.

In state media fake news, Singapore government are claiming to be world leader in the crisis, with local academic pouring praises for the regime. However, the number of infected are not going down despite what has been portrayed in Straits Times and the Facebook accounts of PAP government leaders.