Gan Kim Yong and Lawrence Wong

Let’s crunch the hard facts and figures:

In the past ten days, 8 in 10 cases are imported.
There are now 345 confirmed cases in Singapore, with the daily increment over the past week a ten-fold increase than a month ago.

Why is Singapore not shutting down its borders and banning all non-citizen arrivals?

The answer is simple: the corrupted PAP government values money over human lives. Money is more important, and the coronavirus is “only a mild disease” according to Lee Hsien Loong. The corrupted millionaire prefer to see dead bodies than less figures in his bank accounts.

Singapore has again acted too slow again, just like how it delayed border controls from China in January and Europe in late February. The Singapore government also screwed up in face mask supply, and told healthy Singaporeans not to protect themselves in public – leading to the irreversible local transmission.

Random strangers are getting infected from commuting in crowded public transport, and yet the Singapore government can claim “situation is under control”.

The greater danger to the virus is fake news from state media Straits Times. Straits Times is amplifying advice from PAP politicians, and nothing from real medical experts who caution against irresponsible government advice.

Just yesterday, Straits Times featured an angmoh NUS professor who advocated for “herd immunity”, calling for everyone to be infected. His advice came despite acknowledging that reinfection for the recovered is widely reported around the world. He is also same UK angmoh who draw tens of thousands in salaries is also the same one who is not voluntarily getting himself infected to test his “herd immunity” theory.