Lawrence Wong

Singapore saw a new surge of 47 new cases yesterday bringing the total to 313 confirmed infected.

The authorities claimed 33 new cases are imported to play down the severity of local transmission. Only 4 out of 47 cases are recognised as locally infected from unknown links.

National Development Minister Lawrence yesterday put up a new border control requiring all arrivals to serve 14 days stay-home notice:

“We cannot afford to take further risks if the number of imported cases continue to rise. That is why we’re imposing additional border controls and travel restrictions today.”

Places with high risk of infection like schools and workplaces are still not being shut down in Singapore, unlike Malaysia. The Singapore government is gambling the risks keeping businesses open to avoid short-term economic losses.

Local transmission has been out of control since January, and the cases accelerated after the government delayed border controls and dug its own grave by imposing a 5 days-MC regime stopping early symptoms cases from treatment.