NUS professor Alexander Cook

After paying World Health Organisation’s virus committee Chairman Dale Fisher with a luxurious directorship to get praises from WHO, the Singapore government is paying another angmoh to propagandise the public.

A highly-paid professor with government university NUS has poured praises for the Singapore government in the latest propaganda article by state media Straits Times.

The fake news is to play down the severity of the 313 cases reported yesterday.

Originally from UK, Alexander Cook, a vice-dean at one of NUS’s medical school, praised the PAP government saying infections could have reached 5,000 if not for the Singapore government:

“If Singapore had not initiated measures such as contact tracing and quarantines, more than 5,000 people here would have been infected with Covid-19 by now, instead of 313 as of yesterday.”

The angmoh NUS professor praised the government’s contact tracing work, and said “it is okay to miss some”:

“Contact tracing is a lot of work. If you miss some, that is okay.”

All governments around the world uses contact tracing, and some governments are also playing the same propaganda line boasting about their police force. South Korea recently claimed that they had an explosion of confirmed cases due to “good police work”.

NUS Professor Alexander Cook then suggested that Singapore should follow UK’s call to allow more people to be infected as much as possible to achieve “herd immunity”. The government-paid scholar said young people should get infected so they can recover to get the immunity. The NUS advice is however extremely dangerous as there has been numerous cases of reinfections among those who recovered.