Malaysians entering Singapore

Using Singaporean taxpayers’ money, Manpower Minister Josephine Wong announced that she is giving S$700 to each Malaysian worker for 14 nights’ stay in Singapore:

“We are rolling out a plan to help with costs, to the tune of $50 per worker, per night for 14 nights.”

About 415,000 Malaysians work in Singapore, and the PAP government is spending at least S$28 million to help these foreigners. This untimely spending came after calls for further financial assistance for Singaporeans went unanswered by the Lee Hsien Loong regime.

The government decision sparked anger among Singaporeans, who believe these foreigners should just go back to Malaysia for only 2 weeks. Singaporeans received only S$100 to S$300 each in the recent Budget assistance, a fraction of the S$900 the Malaysian received.

The Malaysia lockdown will end on 31 March.

Minister Josephine Teo said that the Singapore government even goes as far as helping the Malaysians to find accommodation:

“In the few hours that we’ve been working, we’ve been able to match more than 10,000 so far in the few short hours we had, so we’re confident that those affected will be able to find suitable accommodation by the end of the night.”