Malaysians at Causeway

Malaysians working in Singapore are complaining about Singapore employers, accusing them of ripping them off by not providing 14 days paid leaves. The Malaysian workers said they can’t afford to live in Singapore because it is too expensive.

A Malaysian worker told Singapore media Today:

“In Singapore, I spend S$25 a day without accommodation. In Malaysia, I spend only RM20 (S$6.60) for all three meals a day.”

The Malaysia government announced a lockdown effecting March 17 to March 31.

The Singapore government is paying S$700 to each Malaysian worker who choose to stay in Singapore, but this triggered a local backlash as Singaporeans each received only S$100 to S$300 for financial assistance on the coronavirus outbreak.

Most Singaporeans do not agree with paying Malaysian workers paid leaves or the S$900 government funding. They believe these foreigners should have taken such risk into consideration, and that Malaysians have benefited from the exchange rate over the years hence giving them no rights to complain.