Singapore supermarkets as of 17 Mar 2020

Singapore’s wrecked economy is going to collapse after Malaysia imposed a ban on Malaysians from leaving the country.

More than 500,000 Malaysians and Singaporeans who live in Johor Bahru will no longer be able to work in Singapore from tomorrow (Mar 18) until March 31. The ban could be extended further if the virus outbreak in Malaysia continue to worsen.

Food and goods supply from Malaysia will be in serious shortage in Singapore with the ban effected. Panic buying is now happening in Singapore, with long queues stocking up essential goods before they run out.

PAP millionaire minister Chan Chun Sing worsened the situation by calling for Singaporeans not to stockpile. The former army general has a poor reputation of deceiving the public, and his warning triggered an opposite effect intensifying the panic.

Although purchase limits are in force, Singaporeans are making several runs at different supermarkets. The Singapore government is expected to draw on reserves of its food supply within a week. It is unknown how long the reserves will last the 5.7 million population either.