Screenshot of Chan Chun Sing from Facebook video

Singaporeans have long anticipated for the General Election to come sooner now have the chance to kick out the PAP dictatorship.

The virus outbreak has shown the true quality, or the absence, of the ruling party government. In a society where result is performance, the surging confirmed cases past 212, only shows that the PAP is incompetent handling an epidemic. Just look at Taiwan and Macau to know what a competent government is in this crisis.

There is no face mask everywhere, and essential goods are in shortage. The PAP government failed to even provide basic protection to Singaporeans, and expect us to survive with mere 4 pieces of face masks.

Virus outbreak aside, this General Election is also a referendum for the 9% GST.

Lee Hsien Loong and Heng Swee Keat both have demanded complete compliance from the people on raising the GST, and what better way is there for Singaporeans to voice out other than through their votes in this election? The PAP government has stopped listening, and clearly neither are they interested in the livelihood of the people with the insistence of raising the GST.

To put things in perspectives, the Singapore today is not a decent society even before the virus outbreak. Singapore has already been degraded by the incompetent leadership of Lee Hsien Loong, it is not as great as we thought it to be.

The existing Singapore system is very wrong, in society, economy, politics, justice and every measurable aspect. We know the CPF is unsustainable, and forcing old people to work for survival is immoral. We know splurging tens of billions on new airports and gardens are wrong, and the money should have been invested back into the people and future. We know the Singapore courts and police are corrupted and pliant to the PAP government, and this is a cancer we must get rid of. We know army generals are useless and putting them as government ministers is the reason for our decline.

For long-time PAP voters who do not believe the country is already at its worst, well, my message to you is to honour Lee Kuan Yew. Respect his wishes, save his beloved son Lee Hsien Yang and daughter Lee Wei Ling by completely removing Lee Hsien Loong from power.

Lee Hsien Loong winning power again will just be a repeat of the past 5 years. His millionaire mouth will be shooting off and bragging about “world class standards”, while you and your family submerge further in poverty.

We don’t need the virus outbreak to give us reasons to vote PAP out. We don’t even need the opposition parties. We just need to remove Lee Hsien Loong.

Alex Tan
STR Editor