Photo of Lee Hsien Loong from Facebook video

Angry citizens in infected countries are starting to rebel against their governments, for their failure to keep the population safe. A Youtube video of an Italian man calling for help to collect his dead sister’s body, has triggered angry Italians vowing to overthrow their incumbent government. There are 24,747 confirmed cases in Italy.

Over in Japan, the usual well-mannered Japanese citizens are also attacking their government for failure to handle the virus outbreak. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is losing public confidence after the country lost its reputation of competency, with 839 confirmed cases reported. In fact, the world also expressed shock that Japan is among the worst hit, despite its technological advances and well-behaved society.

US politics is also in shambles, with Donald Trump more likely to lose presidency now than before the outbreak hit across the states. Even communist China, criticisms against the government have reached all-time high, and the China state media even permitted a few critical articles as pressure relief valve.

Singapore is no exception.

Over in Singapore, the majority of Singaporeans are highly anticipating for a General Election – with the sole aim of punishing the ruling party PAP. Prior to the virus outbreak, the PAP government was also laden with countless domestic problems and poor governance that caused living standards of Singaporeans to worsen in recent years.

Even without the virus outbreak, the future under the PAP government is nothing worth looking forward to. GST increase, CPF limits increase and numerous tax increases are only an indication the cost of living is going to increase much further.

Alex Tan
STR Editor