Gan Kim Yong

Refusing to take responsibility for the coronavirus outbreak, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong accused the people for “irresponsible behaviours”. The PAP millionaire minister said his government measures are not working because there are people who refuse to cooperate:

“The socially irresponsible actions of a few individuals who attended events and activities despite being unwell had led to the spread of Covid-19 in many of the locally transmitted cases. Socially irresponsible behaviour poses a risk to all. The measures we have implemented will not work if individuals do not cooperate and continue to engage in socially irresponsible behaviour.”

According to the Ministry of Health, 35 infected cases did not minimise social contact when they were infectious:

“As of Monday, there were a total of 160 confirmed cases in Singapore. Of these, around 35 admitted to not minimising social contact despite having developed a fever or respiratory symptoms. These individuals also continued to go to work and carried on with their daily activities despite being ill. They also did not consult a doctor on the early onset of their symptoms.”

Despite several government failures like putting up border controls too late and not having sufficient masks for the country, Minister Gan Kim Yong blamed the victims:

“Three people working at Wizlearn Technologies continued with their daily activities despite feeling unwell. One of the nine staff members at the e-learning solutions firm spread the virus to a family contact, who also carried on with daily activities while having symptoms. This, in turn, resulted in another four cases, all of whom did not work at the company, which is located at Science Park. For the SAFRA Jurong cluster, an individual was unwell but went ahead to attend the event. This likely resulted in 18 people at the dinner testing positive for the virus. Of the 18, 10 continued with daily activities despite feeling unwell, resulting in 17 more cases — none of whom had attended the dinner.”

The PAP minister continued blaming the infected, saying they are spreading to the community for visiting several GP doctors, despite them being rejected for testing each time:

“Out of the 160 confirmed cases, 24 per cent — or 38 people — visited more than one general practitioner (GP) clinic. Of the 38, eight visited three or more GP clinics.”