Gan Kim Yong and Lawrence Wong

To avoid “panic”, Singapore’s Ministry of Health has refused to declare the flight arrivals where infected cases were found on board. In case 154, a 52-year-old UK national arrived in Singapore on March 6, and he was confirmed to be infected yesterday on March 9.

When queried for his flight details by the media, the MOH spokesperson rejected revealing the information. This is the same as other imported cases like Case 136 (Italian), Case 147 (Indonesian) and Case 132 (UK London).

Neither were passengers of the same flight informed that they could have sat next to an infected case.

The Singapore practice contravenes with public health measures adopted by other countries, and expose the Singapore public to greater infection as passengers on the same flight could have unknowingly contracted the virus.

Singapore reported 10 new cases yesterday, bringing the total to 160. At least 10 are now in critical conditions requiring oxygen support.

Media censorship has been ramped up as more cases are reported. The Singapore government stopped publishing uncontactable suspect cases and the total confirmed cases.