Singapore hospitals

The Singapore government has came out with a new creative way to depress imported cases by threatening infected foreigner tourists with exorbitant medical bills. Infected tourists will now go on board a flight out of Singapore, exporting the infection to the rest of the world.

The Ministry of Health made the announcement yesterday citing shortage of hospital resources:

“Tourists and other short-term-visit pass holders in Singapore have had to pay for Covid-19 treatment since March 7. This is due to the rising numbers of infections globally and an expected rise in confirmed cases. Singapore will need to prioritise resources at our public hospitals.”

The government move will however deter infected imported cases from declaring their conditions, and expose the public to greater risks of infection.

Local transmission in Singapore has gone out of control, with confirmed cases surging 50% in ten days after Singapore passed the 100th confirmed case mark.

Singapore has ran out of face masks and essential items are running low as export countries increase prices following higher global demand.