Coasta Fortuna in Singapore

An infected cruise ship that travelled from the infected regions of Italy has docked in Singapore yesterday morning (Mar 9). Costa Fortuna, which first departed from Singapore, was rejected from docking in Thailand Phuket and Malaysia Penang.

There are now 9,172 infected in Italy with 463 deaths.

The Singapore government was forced to accept the cruise ship as its home base is in Singapore.

The Ministry of Health covered up health information of the 2,000 plus passengers, and no details have been given so far even after a day of its arrival. All media personnels have been prohibited from taking photos of the ship and their passengers, and the port at Marina South Pier is declared off-limits to the media.

According to the government, passengers who are not showing symptoms will not serve 14 days quarantine and they will be sent out of Singapore immediately. This move however contravenes World Health Organisation’s recommendation on controlling the spread of imported cases:

“Those without symptoms will be taken directly to the airport for their flights.” – Ministry of Health

Singapore has been exporting infected cases since early January, to numerous countries like Japan, UK, South Korea, France, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Malaysia.