Photo from NUS

A China national on Singapore scholarship from NUS has been expelled for ignoring the 14 days self-quarantine order, Leave of Absence. According to the school, she lied about her travel background and stayed outside her residence while on quarantine:

“An international exchange student had breached her LOA and made a false travel declaration. The Board of Discipline has terminated her student exchange programme with NUS and she will return to her home university. She has been officially reprimanded and a report sent to her home university.”

Another NUS student – of unknown nationality – was also caught ignoring the 14 days quarantine and went about attending lectures. He was suspended for a month.

To date, a total of 14 China nationals – on work passes and permanent residency – have breached the LOA orders to date. None of them has been charged, and 10 those on work passes were deported.

Two infected China nationals were also charged in February for lying about their movements in Singapore, hampering contact tracing effort.