Millionaire PAP Minister Gan Kim Yong

To cover up the embarrassment of the government’s failure to control the virus outbreak, Singapore Health Minister Gan Kim Yong ordered that the Health Ministry stop publishing total number of confirmed cases.

The move came after the government stopped publishing figures of uncontactable suspect cases in February.

The total as of yesterday (Mar 7) is 138, after two consecutive spikes on Friday and Saturday.

Government measures like the 5 days MC regime and the Leave of Absence orders have also failed in the past month. Singapore failed to stop imported cases as the travel ban for Europe came too late.

The Singapore government also failed to order face masks, which has now depleted even for the frontline healthcare staffs. GP clinics were given two weeks supplies on Feb 19, and there has been no replenishment by the government since then.

Events with large congregation are also not being banned, with the Catholic Church announcing mass services to return on March 14. Numerous religious institutions are also taking risks of cluster infection by refusing to stop religious services.

Government-control state media are also reporting more on recovered patients.