PAP ministers and MPs

Young children from PCF Sparkelots kindergartens have been exploited for political campaigns in Singapore. Four and five year olds in Singapore are told to make 5,000 thank-you cards for a political campaign by the PAP Women’s Wing. The home-made cards will be distributed to HDB cleaners as a political campaign for this year’s General Election, according to Manpower Minister Josephine Teo:

“The PAP Women’s Wing was working with the PAP Community Foundation to put together special International Women’s Day 2020 Care Packs for around 5,000 HDB town cleaners. Each pack, which will be distributed by the end of this month, consists of a thermometer, a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitiser, insect repellent, medicated plasters, a $30 shopping voucher, and a thank-you card made by children from PCF Sparkletots.”

The PAP millionaire minister also announced that the PAP women candidates are “ready” for the election despite them still “gaining ground experience”:

“Women candidates have been identified by the People’s Action Party (PAP) for the next general election. They are gaining ground experience and making their mark. In due course, we will introduce them and support them to serve their residents well, like all the women MPs today.”

Minister Josephine Teo then made a sexist claim saying that equal opportunities means having more women in politics:

“Apart from making sure that women have equal opportunities in Singapore, the PAP has been committed to bringing more women into politics, so that we too can make a contribution in taking our nation forward.”