Gan Kim Yong

In a press conference on the update of the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced on Friday (Mar 6) that there were 7 infected fighting for their lives in the intensive care units. The millionaire minister then added that it is “inevitable” some of them will die:

“It is inevitable that Singapore will see a fatality from the coronavirus. At some point in time, we will see fatalities from Covid-19, as we’ve seen all around the world.”

The PAP minister did not announce any further measures to handle the outbreak, and neither did he admit that local transmission is out of control at this stage.

Director of medical services, Kenneth Mak, at the conference said the government is experimenting a number of treatments:

“There are some individuals in the ICU who are ill, all require oxygen support, which for a large part involves the use of a ventilator. A number of these individuals have received other treatments, including the use of antiviral medications.”

There are now 8 in critical conditions as of today, and there have been a surge of 21 confirmed cases in two days. The Ministry of Health refused to disclose who the 8 cases are.