Yishun MRT station crowd on 5 March 2020

Singapore saw two paralysing train breakdowns yesterday (Mar 5) and last week (Feb 27), with commuters standing back-to-back in overcrowded public transport.

Aside from the rampant molests already happening daily in Singapore public transport, the invisible virus are also spreading in these unseen clusters on public transport. With everyone literally breathing into each other and having 95% of them not wearing a face mask, the crowd makes the perfect condition for the spread of the deadly Wuhan virus.

Population density and personal protection wore by members of the public are key factors behind the virility of a virus outbreak, and Singapore ticks all the wrong boxes. It is imminent for Singapore to fall under the Wuhan virus.

The Singapore government even goes about telling people not to wear a mask in public. The bigger worry is that the public are not protecting themselves not because of irresponsible government propaganda, but that face masks are already sold out everywhere since January. The pathetic 4 pieces of disposable face masks issued by the government also sees no replenishment announced from the state.

To worsen the outbreak, undetected infected cases are mingling in public thanks to glaring oversights by the Ministry of Health. Case 91, was only detected after she recovered. Over 35 infected have also visited GP clinics at least twice, before being tested. Case 64, a Singaporean taxi driver, was rejected 4 times before being tested. The infected had spent a few days to two weeks in public.

Then, there are wilful foreigners who openly breach self-quarantine orders. 16 foreigners – all Chinese nationals – were caught outside their residence while serving the 14 days leave of absence. One permanent resident – a suspect case – was even allowed to board a plane by the Singapore Immigrations.

About 200 uncontactable suspect cases are estimated based on official statistics reported. At least 21 infected cases in Singapore are infected with no links to existing clusters.

Australia Sydney and New Zealand also saw three imported cases from Singapore recently, like UK, France, South Korea, Malaysia and the tragic Japanese cruise ship Diamond Princess did.

The virus is out of control in Singapore, and the Minister of Health is now telling people to live with it. This is a height of gross incompetence, and may I remind Singaporeans that he is drawing one of the world’s highest political salaries.

The Singapore government has no solution, and they are more interested in arresting people for “spreading fake news” than to direct resources to handle the outbreak.

Lee Kuan Yew was right, Singaporeans really need a dose of incompetent government to realise what good governance actually means. The virus outbreak in Singapore is a case of poor planning, slow responses and the sheer lack of political will.

The dangers of the PAP government’s mishandling of the virus is not isolated to only the residents of Singapore, but the world also. It is timely to remind foreign governments to start banning Singapore arrivals, because public health measures in Singapore is simply not out to mark.

More cases with unknown links are going to pop up, and it is only a matter of time Singapore sees a surge in infected.

Alex Tan
STR Editor