Photo of Lee Hsien Loong with bus driver from Facebook

Government-owned transport operator SBS Transit has continued to steal wages and not pay overtime even after it is already engaged in a lawsuit with 8 existing drivers. Five more drivers, who worked from 3 years to 8 years with the company, joined in and filed a new lawsuit against SBS Transit.

According to the aggrieved drivers, they were not paid the contracted rates of pay for work done on their rest days, public holidays and days off. Night shifts and additional time spent – checking the condition of their buses before a shift, and refueling and parking the buses at the end of a work day – were also not compensated.

SBS Transit gave a single-line denial and refused to comment further:

“The allegations are similar to those made earlier by eight of our bus captains. We intend to defend against all allegations vigorously.”

All 13 drivers are represented by the same lawyer M. Ravi of Carson Law Chambers, a former opposition candidate. No other Singaporean lawyer dare take up the lawsuit against the government.

SBS Transit posted a record S$81.3 million profit this year, thanking the corrupted Singapore government for the 7% fare hike imposed last year.