NUS-Yale Assistant Professor Xia Xing

Assistant Professor Xia Xing complained to Singapore state media that she is stuck in her hometown Hubei province China and unable to return to Singapore. The 30-year-old who teaches economics at NUS-Yale, told Straits Times that she has been banned from leaving her house, and went on to insult her fellow China nationals calling them “pathetic”:

“My disappointment runs much deeper. Initially, there was hope that the virus outbreak would lead to systemic change so that something of this scale wouldn’t happen again. But instead, people have turned to talking about how the situation is worse elsewhere. They are so pathetic.”

China nationals are now lambasting her for her arrogance and self-centered views. Over at Singapore, Professor Xia Xing is also receiving brickbacks.

Singaporeans questioned why NUS-Yale, a government-funded university, did not hire Singaporeans first. There are no short of economics graduates in Singapore, and many graduates ended up unemployed in the market.

Numerous China nationals who hold work visas in Singapore have been stuck in China after the Chinese government put cities on self-quarantine to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus.