Lawrence Wong

Member of the special ministerial committee on the Wuhan virus, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong, surrendered to the virus outbreak saying that his government is unable to stop the increase in infected cases and told Singaporeans to be “mentally prepared”:

“Despite our very best efforts, we have to be mentally prepared for the number of infected cases in Singapore to go up… We cannot stop it from happening. The only way to stop it is if you were to isolate and shut ourselves out from the world. But I don’t think that is a tenable situation.”

Minister Lawence Wong also said Singapore might see a huge spike in cases like South Korea and Italy:

“Singaporeans here may have become accustomed to the number of cases in Singapore increasing by just a handful every day. But this may not be the norm, and it can change very easily. You see this in other countries too, where you have very few cases for a few days and then suddenly, one incident occurs, and there is a sharp spike in cases and sustained transmission. This has happened elsewhere, it can happen in Singapore too.”

The PAP minister also updated that he is still allowing work pass holders from China into Singapore:

“All work pass holders and their dependants with recent travel history to these regions will have to obtain its approval before commencing their journey to Singapore, regardless of their nationality. Upon arrival, they will be placed on a 14-day Stay-Home Notice.”

At least 16 China nationals have breached their home quarantine order to date.