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Three infected cases did not declare their symptoms to the government despite being put on quarantine. One started coughing on Feb 23, and the other on Feb 26. The two Singaporeans and one Burmese did not report until Feb 29. One of them even went about her daily routines and refused to see a doctor for 5 days.

4 new cases – two Singaporeans (case 103 and case 105), one Burmese (case 104) and the Japanese (case 106) – were reported on Sunday (Mar 1). The first three cases were said to be related to the Science Park II cluster, where 8 others were previously infected.

Case 103, a 37-year-old Singaporean woman, is a family member of case 93. She started coughing on Feb 20, but sought treatment at a GP clinic only 5 days later on Feb 25. She was immediately identified as a suspect case and tested on Feb 25. In the 5 days, she was working and went about her daily routines. As a close contact of case 93, she was put on Leave of Absence since Feb 26, but she did not declare her symptoms to the authorities until Feb 29.

Case 104, a 25-year-old Burmese maid of case 103, started coughing on Feb 23. She was also put on home quarantine only on Feb 26, due to being a close contact of case 93. She was only tested on Feb 29.

Case 105, a 49-year-old Singaporean, a suspect case who works at the company at Science Park II was put on home quarantine on Feb 27. He however had already started coughing a day earlier on Feb 26, but did not declare his symptoms on Feb 29.

Case 106, a 54-year-old Japanese work pass holder in Singapore infected for unknown reasons. The Ministry of Health did not disclose anything except that he is a 54-year-old work pass holder.