Photo of Chan Chun Sing from CNA

A healthcare worker at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) told States Times Review in a phone interview that none of the infected cases in Singapore wore a mask in public because they do not believe they have contracted the virus.

Most of them did not wear one even when they are exhibiting symptoms like coughing because they have no face mask. Due to government propaganda, they do not believe the virus is spreadable in Singapore streets, and hence they think nothing of their symptoms and took little protection. The unnamed staff is a member of the contact tracing department under the NCID.

The Singapore government refuse to acknowledge there is a shortage of face masks, and even insisted that Singaporeans should not wear a mask in public “if they think they are well”. The advice goes against public health measures around the world, including China, where not wearing a mask in public is an arrestable offence.

Government ministers Gan Kim Yong, Chan Chun Sing and Lawrence Wong had previously claimed that wearing a mask is “not the solution” and “counterproductive”. Numerous doctors have since slammed their advice as irresponsible and reminded the Singaporean public not to listen to the government and start wearing a mask to protect themselves in public.

There are now 98 confirmed cases, with more than 16 cases infected from unknown sources.

Each resident household was given 4 pieces of disposable masks last month on Jan 31, to stop Singaporeans from complaining – according to a leaked audio taping of Minister Chan Chun Sing.